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Worr Game Products Collection

WGP Sniper     1986

The Sniper was a Pump. This one of the early model markers of WGP and started to be produced in 1986 there are many different variants and after market kits available. This one that is shown in the museum has after market wood grips and brass trigger shoe. 

This marker was sold from the museum in 2020 to make room for more Tippmann Items.  

WGP Outkast     2002

The MSRP on the Outkast was around $550 on its release. The variant of the Outkast is the Nightkast that was a electronic verstion of the Outkast. This one on display also has been upgraded with a sidewinder regulator and drop forward. Sold in 2019 from the museum to make room for more Tippmann's.

Psychoballistics Lightning    2009?

Came in several different colors. When relased it sold for around $350. Had poor reviews on the 3 ways but it was a autococker. One on display is never been used in a game and has it original case.

System X Autococker    200?

This marker is no longer in the collection. This system X body has been half blocked and is missing some parts but hopefully has gone to a good home that it will be restored by its new owner in CA.

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