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Paintball Barrels

Here is the gallery of paintball barrels and barrel kits in the collection.   

J and J barrels

Three different types of barrels that are on the display. Ceramic coated. Made in the USA located in Shreve Ohio. Shown are the Standard J&J Ceramic Coated, S2 Barrel, and Two Part barrel. 

Smart Parts Freak Kit

The Freak Kit has a back that fits inserts or sleeves that better fit the paintball. The end of the barrel is also available in different lengths and finishes.   

Evil Pipe Barrel Kit

Barrel is a two part barrel the back is sized so you can get a better fit for the paintball. It came in a 3 or 5 backs kit and notably stores in a black pipe. 

B.T. Apex Barrel

This barrel is in a class of its own as you can adjust range and back spin on the paintball to cause it to turn after a set distance. It also is the furthest shooting barrel on the market shooting standard paintballs. Created by Ben Tippmann after leaving Tippmann Sports and is said to have taken part in the creation of the Flatline barrel for Tippmann.

Tippmann Flatline Barrel

The Flatline is a arched barrel that puts a backspin on the paintball and different kits to fit different markers. Until the release of the Apex barrel it was the longest shooting barrel on the market. Commonly seen on the Tippmann 98.

Slayer Barrel

Slayer by Custom Cylinders out of Winchester KY has adjustable porting by twisting the knuckle on the barrel. Retailed for $99 new. 


Riffled on the inside of the barrel creates a spiral on the paintball. 

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