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spyder Marker Collection

Spyder Xtra    2003

Semi Automatic mechanical trigger. Has vertical feed and air threw front grip. Two finger trigger, and drop forward factory. 

Spyder Imagine    200?

Multiple firing modes, Electronic. This marker has been upgraded with a Dragon ONE Kit that makes it a blow forward marker.  

Early Spyder basic semi automatic mechanical trigger with a vertical ASA. Right hand feed with ball stopper. Storage compartment in the handle of the marker. Single trigger.

Spyder Elite    199?
Spyder Imagine LED    200?

Multiple firing modes, Electronic. Stock marker with the air threw grip vertical feed. 

Spyder Compact Deluxe   200?

Very similar to the Elite but updated with a Two finger trigger and a quick disconnect pin for easy field stripping.  

Spyder Bob Long Millennium    199?

Semi Auto mechanical trigger. Black with blue spash, air threw grip single finger trigger. 

Semi Auto mechanical trigger. Repainted Blue with front air threw grip. 

Spyder TL    199?
Spyder Flash     200?

Electronic sear tripper. This Marker is also equipped with a after market feed neck, also is equipped with a barrel sleeve. Marker was acquired thanks to Chris C. In TN! 

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