Tippmann Markers - SL68

Tippmann SL-68

Shooting Video

Tippmann SL-68     1988

First pump marker released from Tippmann. It was also the first pump marker to come from the factory with a "Auto Trigger ". Also has velocity adjuster, clamping feed neck, sight rail, and stainless steel internals. Built from cast and machined magnesium aluminum alloy, The pump handle was originally manufactured with a cast metal, but was later replaced with a fiber-reinforced plastic equipped with a slot in the pump handle to hold a cable squeegee. A breech port could be used with a cable squeegee to quickly clean the barrel. Was designed to meet the marker technology of the time. Offered from the factory was a wooded crate to store the marker in. 


Marker shown is on display in the museum, serial number 10078.

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