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Tippmann Markers History

Following are links to our pages of Tippmann Markers on display:
SMG Series
68 Special
SL-68 II
Pro Am
Pro Lite
Factory F/A
68 Carbine
Model 98
Pro Carbine
98 Custom
TPX Series
Crossover Series
U.S. Army Series

Tippmann Pneumatics later Tippmann Sports and now Tippmann, is an American manufacturer of 
paintball markers and paintball equipment, including military simulation (MilSim) kits. A related company, Tippmann Industrial Products manufactures manual and pneumatic heavy-duty sewing machines primarily used for leather, other leather-related equipment, and some industrial products. Originally a family owned business run from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Before entering into the Paintball industry in 1986 they produced replica fire arms, however fire arm manufacturing laws changed and caused the company to restructure entering the new paintball industry. Tippmann still produces fire arms today in a small company called Tippmann Arms. In 2004 Dennis Tippmann Sr. sold a majority ownership stake to Summit Partners, a private equity firm. Tippmann designed the first automatic marker, the use of refillable air systems in place of 12 gram cartridges, they did not patent the concept and this allowed the industry to create a standard air source adapter for all markers. They also designed and patented the "Cyclone Feed" system is a air spring powered and now air powered feed system for some Tippmann markers. Also developed the "Flatline" barrel that was the farthest shooting barrel on the market for many years, as it added a back spin on paintballs threw a bent barrel design. Then Tippmann created the C-3, the first propane-powered marker paintball ever made!. In 2013 Dennis Tippmann Jr. took over as CEO of Tippmann. After a few mergers and acquisitions Tippmann is now owned by GI Sports and was relocated to Kansas and the Fort Wane IN location was used as a distribution center. Later they returning back to Fort Wane IN.Many products are no longer produced in the USA like the old days, However are still a reputable company producing innovative products for new and experienced players around the world!The old days of a family owned company are gone, but the company and legacy of the company lives on! As products that were produced in 1986 are still being used on paintball fields today, the products speak for themselves!
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