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The sport of Paintball has decreased since 2009 as the recession hit most people and players hard. This great sport survives on new young players that are interested in the game. To help young players get properly introduced older or experienced players need to step up and show the next generation how safe, exciting and fun it is. Rental players are typically the first time players. Some new/young players can not always afford to go out and buy the gear needed to keep playing.


As General Paintball Museum is a hobby and not a corporate company profiting from any part of this. All items in the collection are bought and stored with personal money. As any donated items are put to good use or are on display. Any profits from sales of gear are put back into the collection.

Complete the following Form below and they will be reviewed and a person will be chosen to be awarded the following: Paintball Mask, High Pressure Air Tank, Hopper, Barrel Sock, and Entry level Paintball Marker! Items are used but in working order. Please carefully check gear before use, as we are not responsible for any defective gear. We will have done the best of our ability to make sure it is working and safe before shipping.


Looking for entry level players wanting to get more involved in the sport of paintball. People can submit for others however please let us know that in the second page of the form.

These are extremely limited so please do not get discouraged if you are not chosen.

Our Facebook page will share chosen players and will let everyone know when a gear set is going to be chosen! Thank You!

Contact Information

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below. If selected  or more information is needed, we can contact you for more details. 

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