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Tippmann Markers - 68 Special

Tippmann 68 Special muzzel brake carrying strap

Tippmann 68 Special

Shooting Video

Tippmann 68 Special     1990

Released in July the 68 Special had a lot of groundbreaking standard features for the time including inline poppet valve design, gravity feed loading system, constant air, velocity adjuster and a M-16 style grip.  Also due to the small valve and heavy hammer (around 1 pound) it was not efficient. It was one of the first semi-auto markers on the market. Cycled at 6-8 balls per second. Could also be modified to accept a full auto trigger. The hammer can be moved out of position into a safety position preventing the gun from being able to fire, like the PMI-3/VM-68 and firearms such as the Sten and MP40. It had a built in back bottle setup that ran on liquid CO2 unlike newer models that run on just CO2. Many paintball markers we based off this style. Marker shown is on display in the museum and has a muzzle break and carry strap Serial #9306. Museum also has Serial Numbers: 3380, 2273 and one with missing data. 

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