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Tippmann Markers - SMG Series

Tippmann SMG 60, Crate, Strip clip belt, bipod, scope.

Tippmann SMG 60

Shooting Video

Retailed for $329.00

The SMG 60 was Tippmanns first marker produced and was the first Full Auto marker. Modeled on the appearance of the British STEN of World War II. Equipped with a fixed steel barrel. It uses three, 5 round clips that load into a feed arm, or extended clip that held four 5 round clips. Clips originally came in black and soon after were changed to orange. The black clips were hard to recover after games so bright orange was easier to find. As the marker cycles at 10 ball per second and it spits them out the side of the marker. Rate of fire was deliberately limited by use of a heavy hammer and maintained by a valve designed to use liquid CO2. Some versions offered a 2-stage trigger (similar to those on firearms such as the Steyr AUG) in which a short pull produces semi-automatic fire and a long pull produces full-auto. Also uses .62 cal paintballs. This marker is serial #4068 shown in the picture is the marker on display at the museum shown with a wooden crate that the marker was bought with it, and a clip belt to hold extra rounds. Marker also has been equipped with a aftermarket bi pod and scope. Marker was far ahead of its time when released, and banned from most fields. 

Museum also has serial #2882 (Not Restorable).

Tippmann SMG 60    1986
Tippmann SMG 68     1987

This marker is very similar to the SMG 60 other than it uses .68 cal paintballs both the 60 and 68 can be modified to be simi auto with the replacement of the trigger. It is estimated that only 1800 of these were produced. Many were sent back to the factory to be refitted to the 68 Special for $100.00 at the time, however they still carry the SMG 68 on the data plate. The marker shown is on display in the museum and has the original barrel sight and is Serial # 0805.

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