Tippmann Markers - Pro Lite

Retailed for $295.00

Released in January it was designed to replace the Pro Am, lighter weight as it used plastic injection mold to greatly reduce the cost. Was a common rental for the time. Several on display at the museum including serial numbers: 110523, 83809, 113126, 105836, 72867.

Retailed for $335.00


Designed to replace the Pro Am, lighter weight because of plastic injection mold. Similar to the Pro Am and Pro Lite the Mini lite is identical to the Pro Lite however it has two Air Source Adapters so it can use one or two air tanks at a time. No known markers display the Mini Lite name on the side of them. This one is on display at the museum serial number: 107233.

Tippmann Pro Lite    1992
Tippmann Mini Lite    1992

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