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 Inducted into the Paintball Hall of Fame in 2022

“Paintball Ambassador” 

Player since June 1983 and Professionally involved in Paintball since 1985

Field, Store, Product Representative, manufacturer, Factory Representative (Tippmann), Tournament organizer, overall Paintball. Ambassador with the ability to speak - with credibility - to a first time player (and often their parents); a Big Game player, a Scenario Game player; a Field / Store owner; a Distributor and Manufacturer. A Well respected member of the industry since the late 80’s, Thomas has done many great things in helping the industry grow and has been instrumental - to many in the industry - to promote the professional appearance and operation of paintball businesses and organizations. Thomas was the captain of Thor/Omega Group, a heavily sponsored PaintBall team of “ambassadors” who prided themselves on being competitive and winning sportsmanship awards in many of the events they participated in. All the members were encouraged to play recreation-ally and let other players use their equipment as a means of promoting the manufacturers products they represented. Thomas found his greatest recognition in the late 90’s: Thor/Omega Group became the first winner of the “In search of Excellence” award for their Paintball Ambassadorship and charitable outreach programs (Tournaments for charity); Thomas was the 1998 PaintBall industry award recipient and is the reigning “Mr. PaintBall International” award winner (the last recipient of the Amateur Open Award). Thomas continues his efforts in advancing paintball in many way including his involvement in the paintball Extravaganza (since it’s beginnings), and maintaining contacts and relationships throughout the industry and always asking “How can I Help you be successful?” You can find Thomas still playing paintball on “The Band” Paintball Team and still working the yearly Paintball Extravaganza!

Thomas Ghee

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