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Tippmann Markers - 68 Carbine


Tippmann 98 Custom

Overview Video

Tippmann 98

Generations Video

Tippmann 98 C #8

Unboxing Video

Tippmann 98 Custom    2000

Released in November, the Custom built off the Model 98 made it easy to add upgrades and accessories with out sending it back to the factory. Using a die cast aluminum receiver construction which lowered the weight and cost but maintained the Tippmann durability. This design became the new standard as the rental marker at most fields. Several on display including Serial numbers: 8, 7572, 120862, Several others.

Tippmann Custom Pro, 2005

Tippmann 20th Aniversery marker and stand
Tippmann 20th Anniversary    2006

Based off of The Tippmann 98 Custom it has 24K gold plated air line and body bolts. Only 3000 were produced and all have a certificate of authenticity. Also came with marker stand for display. Marker on display in the museum is serial number: 1557

Tippmann 20th 98

Unboxing Video

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